Acoustique Quality AQ PONTOS W

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Subwoofer attivo  Acoustique Quality

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Larghezza 360  mm 

Altezza 585 mm 

Profondita' 485  mm 

Peso 27  kg 

Volume interno 54 

Pressione  di livello  120 db/1m

Sensibilita' 500 mv

Risposta in frequenza 20 hz-140 hz

Crossower :12db-regolabile 40-140 hz

Active subwoofer AQ Pontos W uses advanced 12” Peerless SLS subwoofer driver. Pontos W is a vented design in which subwoofer driver is specifically directed towards the floor where it actively promotes omnidirectional bass, is aesthetically pleasing and is protected against damage. The port’s initial location on the same baffle presented the design challenge of a too-long port. An inventive solution was needed and the design team created a Y port that combines two functions – a bass reflex and a cross bracing. Top plate of the subwoofer enclosure is a sandwich construction with active BDS resonance control. AQ designed its own powerful subwoofer amplifier that uses toroid transformer and is installed in an acoustically sealed chamber. Active crossover features lowpass frequency selector, input sensitivity and phase adjustment. Throughout 18 mm MDF construction and eight-layer lacquer further increases rigidity of the enclosure. Adjustable spikes counteract uneven floors and bass energy transfer. Plastic cups can be used underneath the spikes where floor damage might occur.Finish Black High Gloss, White High Gloss, Custom finishes available upon reques .Uncompromising active subwoofer uses 30cm bass driver directed towards the floor. It is equiped by 4 adjustable steel spikes. Amplifier 120W is equiped by switchable automatics, active crossover features lowpass frequency selector, input sensitivity and phase adjustment. Special designed MDF cosnturction. Dimensions (wxhxd): 360 x 585 x 485 mm, weight 27 kg


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Acoustique Quality AQ PONTOS W

Acoustique Quality AQ PONTOS W

Subwoofer attivo  Acoustique Quality

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